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BAE-146 Throttle quadrant with #1 and #4 A/T disconnect buttons. 4 throttle levers, 1 flaps and 1 speed brk lever

The perfect accessory for flying the HondaJet

Each piece fit well on the Bravo throttle quadrant. Once I set up a new profile in flight sim, it worked as intended. Fit and finish is great, and everything works as intended. Would recommend.


Very well built and perfectly adapted to my Honeycomb Bravo. Flying with this addition is wonderful.

737 Throttle Add On

Great nroduct that really helps deepen the immersion. My only negative comment is that the product is made from printed parts which makes them brittle and prone to breakage if the throttle quadrant is droped.

CJ4 v2 is amazing!

Love the feel and size of the levers! The detent system is very distinct and works perfectly!

BAe-146 levers

Works amazing with the JF 146 addon for MSFS! The levers can even be pulled out of the "reverse" detent to simulate the fuel on action of the real thing!

Boeing 737 Dual Action Detent/Spring mechanism flaps, Detent realistic speed brake Professional addon for HoneyComb Bravo throttle/VR

E-Jet Series throttle add on for HoneyComb Bravo

I am very pleased with this product. I am a real pilot who is typed in the Ejets. My only issue is fuel cut switches only work in one direction. This may be a X-Plane 11 issue. Or I’m didn’t assign the binding correctly.

Thank You
Kevin Wagner


Flaps, throttle and spoiler levers perfectly and easily installed. Fully operational. Really good product. Waiting for my next order of 777 equipments.

Airbus Starter Switches

These switches are great and do the job of staring the engines on the Airbus but you can map it to other planes too. Would like to have a way the switch would not accidently get pushed down and have the engines turn off in flight

Feels nice in the hand

The ProDeskSim Boein 737 Advanced Full Package feels great and defenitely helps with the immersion. Slight minor point though is that I had issues with the speedbrake markings that would come off. Other that that it's a great.

Boeing 737 Advanced Full Package

so far it wonderful ,clean 3d print ,

It's so real!

It's so real!
I don't know how to set the "TO/GA" and "A/T_DISENGAGE" buttons. Doesn't it work?
If it works, please tell me how to set it up.

Did not meet expectations

The throttles are ok. The go around button on the left throttle works great. The reverse thrust are very loose which does not feel real at all, it has a very cheap feeling to them. The detent for the flaps works fine once you remove the caps at flap 1 and 15. The spoilers is the best part of this package. I am disappointed with my purchase, its not worth $200. Will strongly consider other product line for my next purchases.

Awesome product! Also own the TBM 850 and the Airbus A320 addons. Definitely helps with realism.

Bravo Desk Organizer & A-320 New Version Handles/Levers

Have ordered several items & am happy with them. Any issue that I may encounter, gets handled without any problem. Thanks.

Working great !

Just received my PC12 package. Unit is well constructed and works great. Shipping to Canada was however quite long !

Replacement of addition of adhesive tiles

Accepting that the CL position is in place of the FLX MCT, I replaced the missing adhesive pads front and back. Now the curves are fixed!

Boeing 737 Advanced Full Package

Overall, the package is good. Will buy the A320 Airbus package in the next few weeks. Only real problem with the package is the Flaps and Speedbrake tracks. They easily come out of the slots as they have no Notch at the top ends to ensure they stay in place. Had to use the Flaps track from another vendor to complete the package. But very happy with the rest. As above, will be buying the Airbus unit in the next couple of weeks.

Very well made

This well thought-out and well made add-on works perfectly for the E-Jets Family by X-Crafts on my Honeycomb Bravo in X-Plane 12. I binded switches 1& 2 to "hold reverse thrust max" for each engine, and it works perfectly, as do the Auto throttle and TOGA switches when bound to the proper XP commands. My only criticism is that ProDeskSim could be more proactive in communicating shipping delays. This is my 3rd order from PDS, and I'm very satisfied.

Immersive Realism

A great product to enhance the Bravo Throttle Quadrant and to bring the immersion to life. Prodesk Sim never ceases to amaze me at the never ending possibilities. Great value for money and customer support stands out.