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Phenom Jet EMB 100/300 premium Throttle Lever with functioning GA button for Honeycomb Bravo

Phenom Jet EMB 100/300 premium Throttle Lever with functioning GA button for Honeycomb Bravo

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All of our products are addons/attachments designed to enhance your existing devices. These addons are intended to work seamlessly with compatible devices, providing additional features and functionality. Please note that our addons require the corresponding device (such as Honeycomb Bravo, Turtle Beach Velocity one, Saitek, or Thrustmaster airbus and boeing) to be already owned or purchased separately. Make sure to check compatibility and acquire the necessary components to fully utilize our addons.


Unless otherwise noted within the product page, all items leave our warehouse located in southern California, USA, within Six (6) to Eight (8) business days of ordering and receipt of payment. We work with USPS and UPS and use the selected delivery company of your choice. Please note that the shipping service you choose is effective after the package leaves our warehouse.

**Please note that this product is an addon and the Turtle Beach Velocity One is required and not included**

Phenom Jet EMB 100/300 premium Throttle Lever for Honeycomb Bravo functional GA buttons. flight simulator.

** This product is an addon/attachment for the honeycomb bravo, it is not a stand alone product. The Honeycomb bravo is required and is sold separately **

This is a full set of premium and high quality finished throttle levers resembling the Phenom 100/300 jet throttles. These throttles fit the honeycomb bravo throttle quadrant. They come included with two levers, engine 1 and engine 2. They are painted with colors closely resembling the actual aircraft throttle levers. The red TO/GA button is dummy and it is to improve feeling and realism.


1. Two levers, left and right
2. Very high quality and labeled
3. Sized to be larger and more realistic to improve realism
4. Easy to install. Just slip on the lever axis and you are ready to fly

Made and painted to order. Comes assembled and ready to be installed on your honeycomb bravo. The red button is functional and can be assigned in the simulator! Just insert over on your honeycomb bravo and have fun!

Thank you for looking and Happy Flying :)

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